6 Charging mistakes that damage your phone battery

People believe that charging their phones regularly makes their phones last longer. At the same time, some people add charging of smartphones to their daily activities.

6 Charging mistakes that damage your phone battery

They don’t know that there are some mistakes they should avoid so as not to cause damage or harm their battery life.

This article will explain the 6 Charging mistakes that damage your phone battery to prevent or stop.

6 Charging mistakes that damage your phone battery

Here are six mistakes you should avoid/stop when charging your smartphone:

  • Overcharging

The first thing that weakens your battery lifespan quickly is overcharging. People believe leaving their Phones in the socket while it is complete will strengthen their phone battery. But this will shorten its lifespan because every phone battery has a specific number of charge cycles. If you continuously charge it to 100%, these cycles will end sooner. Then, your phone battery will not even last for 20 minutes.

6 Charging mistakes that damage your phone battery

  • Avoid making your battery run down before charging it again

We believe making the phone battery die before charging it again will make our phone battery strong, which is zero. It’s not good to let the battery drain finish before charging. That is why, as we said, the newest lithium-based batteries work in charge cycles. So if you let the battery die, you will reduce your phone battery lifespan.

  • Pressing your smartphone while charging

Some people have the habit of chatting, playing games, etc., while their smartphone is still charging. This is not good behavior and should be stopped immediately for your safety and battery lifespan. 

Even if someone calls you, you can unplug the Phone and the charger from the socket, then plug your charger and Phone back in once you have ended the call.

More so, using or pressing anything on the Phone while charging will generate a lot of heat. That’s heat from charging, and heat from pressing it can downgrade the battery’s health, leading to shorter battery life.

  • Avoid connecting your Phone to the charger overnight

Most chargers with the latest smartphones have built-in circuits to cut off the current when the battery is full. But if you’re unsure if your charger has this feature, play it safe and don’t leave it charging overnight. It can lead to overcharging, which damages the battery.

  • Stop placing your Phone under the bed/pillow while charging:

Many people want to reach their Phones when they need them. Sometimes, they leave it under the pillow even when the device is getting charged, which is extremely dangerous. The Phone generates heat while charging, which needs to be dissipated to save the Phone from any possible damage or battery degradation. However, placing the phone under the bed/pillow can no longer dissipate heat and get extremely hot. Sometimes, it makes your pillow catch fire, then spreads to the entire mattress and the room.

If you want easy access to the Phone while it is getting charged during the night, it is better to place the Phone on the bedside table or unplug it.

Also, Read:

  • Stop using a not-compatible charger.

Every smartphone has a compatible charger that should not replace with another charger.

If you don’t use a good charger, the power of the energy transmitted to the battery could be too much or too little. It could lead to overheating or to a prolonged charge.

The best charger for your Phone is the one you received when you bought it. You can always reorder it if it is broken or lost, but make sure it’s the same model.

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