Google Chrome

Google chrome is the best web browser that people used to access the internet. Out of 100% of people in the world, 95% are using this browser. It is the most popular web browser and was one of the google products. It has different features. Google chrome has a different version and has a different version that runs on the phones such as Android, iPhones, and others. it is also working on all laptops.

About Chrome

The reason why people using this browser as their web default browser it’s because,

  • It is reliable
  • It was secure and easy to use
  • It enables users to select their theme that’s the light theme or dark theme
  • It gives room to copy and paste any text/document
  • With google chrome, you can print any document
  • It is fast when searching on search engine
  • You can download any file/movie on any platform
  • It enables people to read offline or later pages

How to check your saved password

When registering or signing into google chrome. Google we ask you whether to save your password into your google account or not. Some people have signed in to multiple websites with different passwords, leading them to forget most of them. Instead, when signed into any platform/website using chrome, you can easily save it into your account.

To save a password on google chrome you must register using your email account. You can use your saved password on any google product. To check your save password you must follow some steps. Here are the steps to follow.

On android

  • Launch your app on your phone
  • Click the three-dot at the top right side and tap on settings
  • Scroll down and tap on the passwords
  • Search for the website password you need and tap on it.
  • To delete the password and username
  • Click recycle icon at the top
  • Then, a message will pop up to confirm and tap on the delete password.

How to use your saved password on the website

Not everyone can remember especially those who have multiple websites. To use the saved password on chrome on any site you have visited. Here are the steps to follow to use your saved password on any site.

  • Open your chrome app
  • Go to your desired website you want to sign in
  • Click on login to take you where to put your username and password
  • For a saved password, the chrome will automatically fill in your username and password once you have already been saved

Note if you have more than a password on that particular website you need select the one you want to use at that particular period.

How to turn on or off your saving password

Not everyone really likes to save passwords and usernames on google chrome due to some personal reasons. The chrome developer has made it easy for all users to have the ability to control his/her own chrome app. To turn on or off your saving password follow these steps. Here are the steps.

Note: once turning off your saving password chrome can’t ask you to save your password when signing in to a new website/platform using chrome.

  • Open the Chrome app on your Android
  • At the top right click the three-dot
  • Then proceed to settings and tap on passwords
  • Tap the save passwords to turn it on or off
  • You also turn on or off auto-sign into any website using your password saved

How to clear your google chrome history, site data, cached, and others

The majority of people’s phones have been slow due to unnecessary things. Cache and others make some phones to be slow when using them on the internet. To make your phone a bit faster you can easily clear the history, caches, and others. Here are the steps to follow on how to clear your chrome caches, history, site data, and more.

  • Launch your chrome app on your phone
  • At the top click on the three-dot
  • Tap on settings then, scroll down to click on privacy and security
  • Click on clear browsing data
  • Tap to select what you want to clear
  • Then, click on clear data at the bottom right

How to change your contact address on chrome

Google chrome normally uses your address to show up any search during the search engine. Your result will base on your address with chrome. The contact includes email address, street address, house number, phone number, state, zip code, name, city, state, and others. You can easily change it at any time on your chrome app. Here are the steps

  • On your phone open your chrome app
  • Tap the three-dot at the top right side of the page
  • Scroll down and click on addresses and more
  • Click on any address to edit, and delete

Note that all your saved things such as password, bookmarks, settings, history, your payment method, and so on have been protected by encryption.

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