Fix: Revolut Card Not Working

Fix: Revolut Card Not Working

Fix: Revolut Card Not Working

Revolut is a popular banking app offering financial services for smartphone users. It provides various financial services, such as debit cards, free currency exchange, peer-to-peer payments, stock trading, and bank accounts in the UK and Europe.

With the Revolut App, users can transfer in 29 currencies and purchases and ATM withdrawals in 120 currencies. Some Revolut users are encountering issues with the Revolut card; the Revolut card is not working.

If you are one of the users facing the same problems, don’t worry, this article will solve all your worries. Here, we will explain why the Revolut card is not working and how to solve it.

Why is my Revolut Card Not Working? 

Revolut card is not working might happen due to some reason below.

  • Card Has Expired

Revolut card expired may cause your card not working. Always check your expiring date on your card; you can find it on your card or in the App. If indeed your card has expired, you can place an order for a new card by;

  • Open Revolut App on your device
  • Tap on cards
  • Select the cards that have expired 
  • Then, click the button to order a card replacement.
  • Damaged Card

Revolut card not working, can also happen if your card has damaged, when noticed you can order a replacement card.

  • Incorrect Details 

The other reason which can be the cause of why your Revolut Card is not working might be that you have entered the wrong PIN/expiry date or incorrect CVC number. 

Your card will be blocked if there is severally attempt. If your card is blocked, you can unblock it in the App by;

  • Launch your Revolut App
  • Go to the settings
  • Then tap on the card.

Note: Always check your card details.

  • Illegal Activities 

Suppose Revolut has suspected malicious activities from your card number. In that case, the Revolut authorities will imagine there is someone who is trying to gain unauthorized access to your card. Your card will be blocked for security purposes, and while you try to use it, it won’t work.

You may not know when your card gets blocked, so try to avoid giving your Revolut card details in an unauthorized place. If you suspect a third person is triggering you to share your card details, please immediately report your problem to the Revolut support team.

  • Daily Transaction Limit 

Suppose your Revolut Card has a limit, and you have reached the daily limit of making transactions, then your card will not work for your next transaction. You can increase the limit by contacting the Revolut support team or in the Revolut App.

  • Insufficient Funds 

Always check your account balance. Revolut card not working might cause by the insufficient funds in your account. With short money in your account, all your transactions will fail; make sure you have enough funds in your account before making a payment.

  • Merchant / Vendor Issues 

Not all the merchant or vendor shops support Revolut cards. Make sure you ask for their support cards.

  • Frozen Card Problems

A frozen card may cause your Revolut card not to work. If you have accidentally frozen your card, you will see unfreeze card in the App. Tap on the card to unfreeze.

  • Connection Problems 

Connection problems may result in not your Revolut card working. The server is overloaded, or the system has slowed down for other technical reasons.

Fix: Revolut Card Not Working?

  • Order Replacement For a New Card

Always make sure that you get a replacement beforehand when your card is about to expire. Do not delay getting a replacement card, as hundreds of people couldn’t get a replacement quickly after their card expired.

Some had to wait for months. If your card is damaged, you can contact the Revolut support team and ask them for a new card.

  • Contact The Revolut Support Team 

Contact the support if you still encounter issues that your Revolut card is not working after you follow all the above methods.


Always protect your Revolut Card from fraud or any suspicious transaction on your card.

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