Fix: Tower of Fantasy Error 2618

The Tower of fantasy was developed by a Chinese mass media company called Perfect World which has made other games like Final Fantasy Type-0 Online and Swordsman Online. You can also pre-register the Tower of Fantasy game anywhere in the world. To fix Tower of Fantasy Error 2618, follow the below guide. How to fix Tower of Fantasy Error 2618?Fix: Tower of Fantasy Error 2618

Tower of Fantasy is available worldwide for PC and mobile devices(Android & iOS).

Many users have now complained about the Tower of Fantasy Error 2618. Whatever they do, it is unresponsive. It has caused users to worry as they have no idea what is wrong with their App.

This article will explain the Tower of Fantasy Error 2618 and how to fix it.

What does error 2168 means?

Error 2168 in Tower of fantasy occurs when your chosen server is full, i.e., the server you want to join at that moment.

How to Fix Tower of Fantasy Error 2618?Fix: Tower of Fantasy Error 2618

Fix 1: Choose an another Free Server

Choosing another accessible server will fix error 2168 on Tower of fantasy.

The entire server is based on color. 

The color indicates whether the server is full or not. See below to know the color to choose at the right time.

  • Green color

The green color indicates many open slots on the server, and many people are not signed in.

  • Orange color

The Orange color shows that many people signed in, and the slot is few. So it will be hard to get in. While

  • Red color

The red indicates that many people signed onto the server, making it difficult to sign in.

Fix 2: Chose another Region

Choosing another may solve the error 2168; it may be your current region is full. Check which server is not full to join in.

Fix 3: Try Logging Out and login into the Tower of Fantasy App.

Logging out from Tower to fix the Tower of Fantasy error 2168 issue may solve the problems. Try logging out from your account and logging back in some minutes later.


To fix Tower of Fantasy Error 2618, it is advisable to join through the green color, which it’s easy to enter.

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