Fixed: Cannot send a text message but can receive

People have complained that they cannot send text messages but can receive them on their phones.

Fixed: Cannot send a text message but can receive

there are numerous reasons you cannot send a text message on your phone. This article will explain why a text message cannot be sent and how to fix it.

Why can’t you send a text message?

Here are some reasons why you fail to send a text message.

  • SMSC Not Set Correctly
  • The SIM card is not inserted correctly.
  • The invalid phone recipient number
  • Network problem
  • The messaging app does not update
  • Need for more airtime.
  • Wrong settings.
  • Flight mode is enabled.

Fixed cannot send a text message but can receive

Check your phone SMSC

With this SMSC, you can send text messages to any network, unique to each network operator.

To check the SMSC on your device.

  • Open the Messages app on your phone and then tap the three dots or contact icon on the top right side of your screen.Fixed: Cannot send a text message but can receive
  • Click on Messages Settings.
  • Tap the network, then scroll down to check the SMSC phone number.

Message App’s Cache and Data

Check the app cache and clear it because it helps refresh and remove any glitches in the Messages app.

  • Open Phone Settings, Tap Apps, and tap Messages
  • Tap Storage & Cache
  • Then, tap Clear Cache.

Message settings issues

Sometimes message settings prevent sending a text message; try resetting your SMS settings back to the default.

  • Open the Messages app on your phone and tap Settings.
  • Click on message
  • Then, Tap Storage & Cache
  • Tap Clear Storage to restore to default.

The messaging app does not update

Also, Read the following:

Check if there’s any update on the google play store because the outdated app can make the app misfunction.

  • Open your Google play store
  • Tap on your profile icon at the right
  • Then, tap on Manage apps & device
  • Click on Updates available to check 


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