How to become a successful seller on Amazon

How to become a successful seller on AmazonHow to become a successful seller on Amazon


There are different products available on the Amazon website. The products include jewelry, watches, home & kitchen appliance, clothing, shoes, books, video games, cameras, videos, electronics, toys, music, software, apparel, baby products, gourmet food, musical instrument, scientific supplies, personal care and so more.

How to become a successful seller on Amazon

To become a successful seller on amazon, you should know that not the day you become a seller you will be a great seller. There are some steps need to follow before being a great seller on amazon. Here are the steps which you must follow when planning to become a successful seller. It is very easy if you can follow the step below.


This method is a very crucial part of any business, advertising your product will enable you to get more customers. Create a method that will help you reach your shopper. It may be through Ads that will show to customers on the first page of the search results or their phones and others.

List your products

Listing and uploading a product on amazon depend on your selling plan; you should know that there are two selling plans and different features which are:

Individual plan.

Per item sold on Amazon, you will pay $0.99 for the subscription fee per product, assuming you sold 30 items on amazon, your fee will be $30 plus additional selling fees.


You will have the ability to grow your business by fulfillment on amazon, Adding a new product to your catalog on amazon, will sell less than 40 items per month on Amazon, You can decide what product you want to sell, No advertising or advanced selling method is allowed.

Professional plan

Under this plan you will pay $39.99 for the subscription fee per month, selling fee (based on the item sold and including referral fees), Shipping fee (based on the product categories and shipping services selected by the buyer, and FBA (product fulfills by amazon, storage and others for you).


  1. You will have the ability to grow your business by fulfillment on amazon
  2. Adding a new product to your catalog on amazon,
  3. You will sell more than 40 items per month on Amazon,
  4. You can decide what product you want to sell
  5. Ability to place your product detail on the top page
  6. You can advertise or use advanced selling methods on amazons like APIs and others
  7. Ability to save time when creating listings in bulk
  8. You will have access to add multiple users to your amazon account
  9. Access to run promotions and free shipping
  10. It allows setting your free shipping fees for non-media products
  11. It increases the selling efficiency with API integration
  12. Ability to manage your inventory with feeds, spreadsheets, and reports
  13. It gives access to tell additional categories
  14. Ability to sell products in restricted categories.

A seller using a professional plan can list more than one product at a time while the individual can list only one product at a time.

Make sure your product is easy for shoppers by avoiding, image violation (that is, by not exceeding the required size of the image and also your image must be clear), product problem (think about the product that your customer is expecting), product ID problem (make sure meet the product requirement set by amazon). The product ID includes UPC, EAN, and ISBN, this product ID will be used to identify the exact product you are selling on amazon.

Your product will be listed once you follow the step above and become available to customers in B2B and B2C markets.

Creating a good product detail page

A good product details page will attract and give you more customers. A product detail page is where all your customers will view your sold product on amazon. It is also a page where all the information about the product can be found by customers, this includes:

  • Title of the product (not higher than 200 characters)
  • Images (it should be clear)
  • Variations
  • Bullet points
  • Features offer
  • Other offers
  • Description (use a good description for your product).

Delivery method

There are two methods of delivering your product to shoppers

By yourself: this means you will maintain your inventory and ship your products directly to customers. The fee applies to all products sold to customers with an individual plan. While

By FBA (fulfillment by Amazon): this amazon will help you maintain your order, ship your inventory to Amazon, package your order, collect payment from customers, and also be in charge of customer returns and refunds.


This is the last step on how to become a successful seller on amazon. You should know that a good customer review will help your business get more and more customers to visit your product. Make sure you follow the rules and regulations set up by amazon and avoid violation policy.

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