How to check your Glo phone number

Many people were very frustrated because they don’t know their Glo number, sometimes it’s maybe for an urgent transaction may be in the office, banks, recharge but can’t find their Sim pack or remember the number offhand again and they don’t have airtime on their phone to call someone. To check your Glo phone number you must follow some steps. Here, we have explained how to check your Glo phone number.

How to check your Glo phone number

Most people forget their Glo mobile number due to, they have multiple Glo numbers, some lost their sim pack after sim registration and some people keep their sim pack but unfortunately they don’t know where it is, while some people don’t use their sim for some month, maybe due to loss of phone and others.

Steps on how to check your Glo number

By dialing the Glo USSD code

The best method how to check the Glo number is by using the USSD code, which is very easy to do, once you dial it will display on your phone screen.

  1. Go to your phone dial pad
  2. Dial *777#
  3. Wait till it loads and presses 4
  4. Wait till it loads also and presses 3 then it will display on your phone screen

By calling Glo’s number

This is also a very easy step to know your mobile phone number it is very common and easy to use although not everyone knows it while some people believe it’s by dialing 100 customer care lines, on calling this number is a long process. The best is to dial this

  1. Dial 1244 on your Glo sim
  2. The Bot will start calling your number, you can put your phone on the loudspeaker  in order to write down

Call someone that you have his/her number.

  1. Locate/call someone’s phone number that is near you in case you need it urgently.
  2. Once you call the person, ask him to call the number for you.

Sending SMS to someone that is within the same spot

  1. Send a message to the person’s phone number.
  2. Once the message is delivered ask the person to give you and write it down.


  1. Dial *125* followed by the person’s phone number# example, *125*07078********22# and send it.
  2. Once it is successful ask the person to call the number for you or collect the person’s phone in other to write it down.

How to borrow airtime or data

Sometimes you may need airtime or data to do important things on your phone, you look around to buy airtime or data but you cannot see any person that’s selling airtime or data. So, don’t stress yourself here we show you how to borrow airtime and data using the USSD or GLO café app on your phone and repay them later.

To borrow airtime on your sim card using the Ussd code

  1. Dial *777# on your Glo sim
  2. Replay with (9) and tap on SEND
  3. Replay with 2 (borrow credit ) and click SEND
  4. Select the amount of airtime you wish to borrow and tap on SEND

You can do the same process to borrow data or credit for yourself or for a friend

How to borrow Airtime or Data on Glo café app

  1. Click on the Glo café app (if you don’t have you can download it from the play store
  2. Open the app by inputting your Glo number and PIN
  3. Once it logs in successfully click on borrow credit, and you will see it on your screen.

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