How to create a Google business account

How to create a Google business account.

Google is the world’s largest search engine website in the world where people can find different information that can be useful for living/non-living things through websites, videos, pictures, maps, and other methods to get relevant information.

With google you can see any information across the world, giving you the instant answer to your query within seconds, correct you when there is a mistake in your typing, enable you to browse in private, play games, and more. It is a website that you can easily search with pictures of things, news from anywhere in the world, a map for any location that you need, and any website you want to visit.

Google’s mission is to provide and combine information that with be useful and accessible throughout the world. There are different services offered by google some are, Gmail, Blogger, Google Maps, Image Search, Google Toolbar, AdSense, AdWords, and others.

Google also promote business and the majority of people in the world have become a billionaire through google’s help.

People can search for your business on Google or you can also search for any other business if you have created and verified your business account with google.

Most business owners have seen it most difficulty on how to create a google business account. This article will guide you on how to create and verify your business on google. To create a google business account there are some steps you should follow. Here are the steps to follow when creating a google business account.

  • Create a google account

A Google account is a free key to accessing all of Google’s products and services like sending and receiving email using Gmail, downloading applications from the Google play store, watching videos from YouTube, and others. Signing up for a Google account is a quick process, but you will need to give out some personal information and make sure the information you are providing is accurate, to make Google keep your account secure and make use of their services. Create a Google account

  • Set up Google business profile

Setting up your Google business profile allows people to provide some information about the business such as your location, photo of your business, business name, phone number, and so on.

Once you set up your account, you can access your dashboard at any place wherever you are on your mobile phone or laptop……

  • Go to google business

This enables you to connect with customers across the world and it is free. Just click manage now to start. Then tap on Add your business to Google.How to create a Google business account

  •  Business name

I know before planning to create a business you should have a business name for your business. If so, then enter your business name, then click Next.How to create a Google business account

  • Location

Decide if you want to enable location to your business. Enable location will assist customers to find your business on google. Tap NextHow to create a Google business account

  • Address

Your address is where your business is located this includes, your country, street address, city, postal address, local government area, and others. Click NextHow to create a Google business account

  • Delivery

Think if you wish to deliver your products to your customer location either home or office by tapping Yes or NoHow to create a Google business account

  • Contact details

Your contact detail will enable your customer to contact or reach you. Select your country code and input your phone number. Enter your website for your business if there is any. When complete then click Next

  • Verify

Choose the method to verify your account to check if it’s your account you are operating in either call or text message. then tap on verifyHow to create a Google business account

A page will pop up once it’s verified click next to continue.

  • Business hour

Tap to set your business day and hours that your business will be open and closed, your business description, you can also let your customer message you.How to create a Google business account

  • Business photo

Add a photo of your product to attract more customers to your business. Input your real business image. If you want to advertise your product on google then click on start now and select your method of payment.

Once you are done with creating your account profile you can proceed to your dashboard to add photos and others.

  1. Go to your dashboard on Google business and sign in to edit your profile
  2. Click on add a photo on the page
  3. Choose a photo for your logo this will allows your customer to know you because its stands for your identity
  4. Choose a cover photo this is the photo that will be shown when people search for your business online
  5. Add a video to tell customers what makes your product the best and so on.

There are other things that you can set up on your google business profile such as your product, website, messages, settings, posts, and others.

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