How to find a lost phone

How to find a lost phone

How to find a lost phone

Sometimes you might be lost your phone or someone steals it,  if you lost your phone you know how you will be. Sometimes it might not be the phone you are worried about. Some things are very important to us apart from the phone like sim card, your contact, documents, and others. By the time you realized your phone has gone, you will now be thinking about how you lost your phone and where did you see it last.

There are some steps you should do on your phone before losing it. Google has made everything simple and easy for us. With google assistance, you can easily locate or find your stolen phone. Before Google can help you, you too must also help yourself so that, google can also help you.

Google is the first and best way to find your lost android phone or wear an OS watch with the help of an application called Find my Device.

Most importantly, there is some new phone that comes with the Find my device app, while some mobile phone needs to download the application. Click here to download. Here are the steps to take before your phone lost

  • You must be signed in to your google account
  • Your location must be turned on
  • The phone must be turned on
  • Data must be enabled on your phone or through Wi-Fi
  • You must also be registered on Google play
  • Lastly, you must enable the Find My Device app on your smartphone

Here are the steps to sign in to a google account

  • Open the Gmail app on your mobile phone
  • Click on create an account and tap myself
  • Enter your name, proceed with the Next
  • Input your birthday and gender
  • Pick a Gmail address/username or create your own Gmail address
  • Create a password (it should consist of letters, numbers, and symbols)
  • Input your country code and phone number, you can skip this.
  • Review your Account information and click Next
  • Tap on I Agrees at the bottom of your screen to finish the setup.
  • Go to your phone settings and tap on location turn on

Turn on Find my device on your phone

  • Go to your phone settings
  • Click on security and tap Find My Device, then click on it to turn it on
  • Or you can go to google settings and then tap on it
  • Click on Find My Device to turn it on.

Here is how to secure or erase your phone

  • Open the Find my Device app
  • Select secure or erase

Note: to secure means a lock screen message or phone that will be displayed on your phone on the person’s hand when it locks to reach you.

You can even help your friend to find his/her phone when it gets lost

To find your friend’s phone

  • Click the 3dot at the top right, then select switch accounts
  • Click on the sign as a quest
  • Input the person’s email or phone number then, click next
  • Enter the password of the person’s email and then, click next
  • Once it signs the location of the person will know displayed on your screen. Decide what you want to do about either by tapping securing or erasing.

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