How to Fix Valorant download stuck at 0.1 KB

Some Valorant users have been facing issues when updating. It becomes stuck at 0.1KB during download; no matter how long you leave the launcher open, the download will not continue. Why does my VALORANT Download Update Get Stuck?

For more updates, you can check Riot Games’ Twitter or Support page to verify whether their servers are down before attempting any repairs.

Here are the steps to fix Valorant downloads stuck at 0.1 KB.

Why is the Valorant download stuck at 0.1 KB?

If the Valorant got stuck at 0.1kb, it could happen due to several reasons, such as:

  • There may be a glitch, a bug, or the server is down.
  • Your wifi or mobile data is not working properly
  • You have turned on the low-data mode
  • You still need to clear the cache. 

How to Fix Valorant download stuck at 0.1 KB

  • Restart the Download 

Sometimes, the updating stuck is caused by a glitch in the VALORANT game client. So you can close the game client (and kill it through Windows Task Manager if needed) and then open it again. With that, the VALORANT game client will restart your downloading update process.

  1. Exit the launcher.
  2. Right-click on your Taskbar.
  3. Click on Task Manager.
  4. Search for Riot Vanguard and other processes starting with Riot.
  5. Right-click on all of the Riot processes and click End Process.
  6. Start the download again.Why does my VALORANT Download Update Get Stuck?
  • Check the Internet Connection

The Internet connection can cause the Riot Client to fail to download the update for VALORANT. So, make sure the internet connection should be fast and stable enough. 

Change the DNS

Network issues might cause Valorant’s download to be stuck at 0.1 KB. You should consider changing your computer’s or router’s DNS to see if it helps. Login to your router and head to the setup page. Leave all existing settings intact and change your primary and secondary DNS to any of the following:


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If all the solutions above do not work, try to update your network adapters driver.

  • Update Your Network Drivers

You can follow these simple steps:

  1. Press Win + R to open the Run command dialog box
  2. Type devmgmt. msc and press Enter to open Device Manager
  3. Double-click on Network adapters
  4. Right-click on the installed network driver, and choose the Update driver option
  5. Click on Search automatically for drivers.


This article explains why the Valorant download stuck at 0.1 KB, and the process of resolving the Valorant download stuck at 0.1 KB. Please, follow the above steps to resolve all your issues.

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