How to get a free internet connection on phones

How to get a free internet connection on phones

The way the network provider deducts data on our line is very frustrating. Everyone wants to have an Android smartphone. A question is can everyone subscribe for data? No, now a day’s no one can imagine a life without the internet. All our smartphones without an internet connection are nothing. Mobile data is very costly. All smartphone users want to have a stable and good internet connection most especially the youth in order to perform some actions on their phones such as watching movies, chatting, accessing social media, playing games, posting updates, doing video and voice calls, and more. In this article,  we’ll guide you on how to get a free internet connection in your area.

There is various way to get a free internet connection, here we will start with public Wi-Fi.

A public Wi-Fi is a method or a way where people can have free access to internet connection on their smartphones, laptop, and others. Having free wifi means, no data will be charged from your phone. Wifi is very easy to use, it is also free from any viruses, with this wifi you can access any website, watch movies, play games, downloading, and so on.

Even if you have data on your phone don’t because wifi doesn’t require you to ON your mobile data

To find a free internet connection

Visit any institution or library

Most institutions or libraries offer free wifi to people, either students of the school or not. You get free Wi-Fi even if you are not on the school premises and you can still have access to their Wi-Fi.

Note some schools or libraries have protected their Wi-Fi with a password, you can ask someone to guide you on how to proceed while some schools or libraries give students their Wi-Fi password

Restaurant or hotel

These are some places where people can get a free internet connection. Restaurants or hotels offer free Wi-Fi in order to improve business and increase their daily sales. To get a free internet connection you can visit any of these, malls, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, airports, coffee shops, and so on.

You can ask the workers to guide you on how to get their Wi-Fi password in a polite way. Some shops will not give you the password except if you buy something like drinks, if you have the money you buy it and start using free wifi as you like.


Do you know that you can get free wifi from the Facebook app? It is easy to get nearby wifi connection on your Android, laptop, iPhone, and more on Facebook. Follow the below steps to guide you on how to get free wifi on Facebook. Make sure you have installed Facebook on your phone

  • Open the Facebook app on your smartphone
  • Click on the three-line at the top right
  • Scroll down and tap  on the settings and privacy
  • Then tap on Wi-Fi and cellular performance
  • Click on Wi-Fi at the bottom
  • Scroll down and tap on find Wi-Fi then, it will now display the nearby Wi-Fi

How to use your phone data on your laptop

Some people prefer to use a laptop than their phone to carry out some actions. If you have your mobile data on your phone you use it to access the internet on your computer. But note that computers or laptops consume more data than some mobile phones. There are some ways to restrict data on the computer. The method o connecting mobile data to a computer without a modern cable is called Tethering. Here is how to connect your Android phone with your computer

  • Open your phone settings
  • Click on Hotspot & tethering
  • Tap on wifi hotspot
  • Then, set your hotspot settings
  • The login password you will use
  • Security, select WPA2 is a personal
  • The hotspot name that you wish to display on the computer then, click save settings
  • Now tap on your hotspot or personal hotspot to on
  • Go to your computer and click on the Wi-Fi icon at the bottom right side
  • Click on your wifi name and input your hotspot password then click save

To connect your computer through USB tethering

To connect your laptop with a USB cable is by using your phone charger, here are the steps on how to connect using the USB cable. Make sure the phone cable is plugged into your computer before proceeding with these steps

  • Open your phone settings
  • Click on Hotspot & tethering but on some phones, you will click more before tapping on tethering & portable hotspot instead of Hotspot & tethering
  • Now click USB tethering

To connect it through Bluetooth

  • Click on Hotspot & tethering
  • Then tap on Bluetooth tethering
  • Go to your computer and click on the Bluetooth icon at the bottom right side
  • Then, select your Bluetooth name

Note: the above settings may vary based on the phone type and version

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