How to properly test your Android smartphone

Are you having an issue with your Android device? Here are some apps that can help you test your smartphone issues by running a test.

How to properly test your Android smartphone

Sometimes you might be noticed that your android device is running slow, or maybe you bought a smartphone. However, in many cases, running a test on your smartphone is important to find out precisely what is wrong.

How to properly test your Android smartphone

In this post, we’ll guide you step-by-step to test your device using a third-party app.

My Phone’s Hardware, Software & app info

This My Phone’s Hardware, Software & app info is one of the best Android apps for checking Android devices’ hardware and software. The app will get the complete information of your device hardware, software, and apps in one place. 

Here are details of various information on your devices and test running.

  1. Software Information includes devices manufacturer, devices model no, etc.
  2. Memory information includes an internal and external memory
  3. System application includes all the system apps and memory in use
  4. Checking the different network that is compatible with your device
  5. It scans your battery health and all details in your battery information  
  6. It also checks all the sensors available on your devices.
  7. It will also check your android version and any update.

It also tests:

  • Your front and back camera
  • Display for any dot or color problem
  • Flashlight
  • Your speaker
  • All sensors like light, vibration, fingerprint
  • Connectivity like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Network, etc.

This app is helpful for your old Phone and new smartphone.

Here is the steps to test your android devices with My Phone’s Hardware, Software & app info.

  • Go to Google play store and search for This My Phone’s Hardware, Software & app info or click this link.
  • Open the downloaded app on your Phone.
  • Tap on Tests (to know all your phone details click on start).

You can also test your devices manually when buying a new phone.

Note: Check your android phone before leaving the place you bought it to ensure all the criteria listed in the phone pack are accurate.

How to properly test your Android smartphone

   1. Check the Android version.

To ensure you got the Android version is the same as the phone pack

  • Go to Settings and tap my Phone
  • Your phone details will be listed.

    2. Network and connectivity

Also, Read:

  • Check your network and connectivity on the Phone.
  • Turn on your Bluetooth, hotspot, Wi-Fi, and internet connection.

    3. Check the Phone’s hardware.

Test your phone hardware to ensure it matches the specifications you see on the phone pack, such as the earpiece jack, speakers, buttons, fingerprint sensor, etc. You can also use the above app to check it all.

Connect to a Wi-Fi network, share with your hotspot, connect to the internet and share files, and pair to other devices with your Bluetooth.

    4. Check your IMEI

  • Your phone IMEI will be seen on your phone’s back and inside your settings.
  • Check the IMEI; it must be 15 digit identification number given to all phones for each SIM slot.
  • Or you can dial *#06#, which will display your IMEI number.
  • Compare it with the one on the phone pack.

    5. Test your Charger, earpiece, and battery

Test the phone charger to make sure the battery percentage is increasing. 

    6. Check your SIM, Memory card slot.

Insert a Sim and Memory card into the device to test if it supports and displays them without problems. Make a call on it, text a message, and connect it to the internet.


    7. Check the camera and flashlight

  • Test the front and the back camera by snapping a picture.
  • Also, on and off the phone flashlight to see if it’s working.


The above step will guide you to check or test your new or old Phone.

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