How To Recover Robinhood Account?

Robinhood is an online platform that allows people to invest, buy and sell crypto at the minimum rate of $1. People have been wondering how to recover Robinhood account.

How to recover your Robinhood account?

Recovering your account is very easy and requires a few steps. What you have to do is to make sure you have access to the email address that you used during the signed up for your Robinhood account. Here are the steps to recover your Robinhood account on your browser

  • Open the Robinhood

Launch the Robinhood on the app or web browser on your devices, two different options will be displayed tap on the login section

  • Email address

Two options will be displayed on the screen input your email address and tap on forgot password belowHow to recover your Robinhood account?

  • Re-enter your password

Another page will display says “Reset your password“, then input your email address once again at the designated column and tap on send

  • Checking your email address

Once you re-input your email address and click on send, a recovery message will be sent via the email account you provided from Robinhood to reset a new password  

  •  Your new password

Once done with your Robinhood recovery password, go back to the Robinhood app or browser and tap on the login option. Two options will be displaying the input of the email and the new password you just change.

Frequently asked questions

Why I was unable to recover my Robinhood account?

People have been worried and so depressed that they didn’t receive any account recovery notification on their email account from Robinhood.  Below are some steps that might happen not to receive a recovery notification on your email account

  • Bad internet network connection

Not every time you will be having good internet connection. Always make sure you are having a strong Internet connection on your mobile data or wifi. Once your internet is slow or weak you won’t be able to recover your Robinhood account

  • Incorrect mobile phone number

During your registration on Robinhood, always make sure your mobile number is correct to recover your email account.

  • Your devices may be protected from a security app

Some apps block any notifications that come into your devices. Make sure you don’t have any security app on your devices to recover your Robinhood account easily

Sometimes your hand might mistakenly tap on Do Not Disturb mode, once Do Not Disturb is activated you can’t receive any messages else your go into your Gmail account to check if there are any messages

Can Robinhood permanently close my account?

Yes, Robinhood can permanently close your account. There is only one step that can make Robinhood close your account automatically if you transfer out all your asset from the Robinhood account, Robinhood will automatically close your account and you can reopen it again but you will have access to your document through the app or web browser.

The only option you have is to create a new Robinhood account. Here are the steps on how to create a new account

  • Go to your app or enter on your web browser
  • Scroll down if necessary and click on sign up from the home screen
  • Enter your first name, last name, email address and password then click continue
  • Once finishing signing up a message will be sent to your email account

Note your email must be different from the one you used before.

My account was deactivated, can I reactivate it back?

Yes, you can re-activate your Robinhood account once deactivate. Here are the easy steps to re-activate your Robinhood account.

  • Open your Robinhood app or on web-browser
  • Go to manage account and tap on settings
  • Select the re-open account option from the menu

Once completed a message will be sent through your registered email request to reset  your recovery password, reset your password, and log in to your account

Can I withdraw my investment if my account was closed?

Yes, you can withdraw your investment once you have enough money in your account

Can I open more than one account on Robinhood?

No, you can’t create a new account, creating another account may be done once you have a different email address, you can proceed to finish setting up.


Forgetting your login details is not a problem and it is very common. So, it is advisable to write down your credential when registering on any platform for future purposes

Above are the easy steps on how to recover your account. Make sure you follow all the steps.

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