How to register on Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is one of the best that offers quality equipment, world-class facilities, and excellent services. It’s also one of the most famous in the U.S. assuming you obtained the membership form, you went there but unfortunately, it does not meet your expectation and you want to cancel your membership. This article will guide you on how to register and cancel your membership subscription on Planet Fitness. To register on planet fitness or cancel your membership subscription you must follow some steps. Here, are the steps on how to register on planet fitness or cancel your membership subscription.

How to register on Planet Fitness

  1. Visit:
  2. Click on “Join US” in the top right corner.
  3. Choose from one of the locations listed there or type your location in the search bar
  4. Then click on the membership option that is good for you
  5. Then, select the one you want from { PF BLACK CARD AND CLASSIC}
  6. Add your personal information Name, Email, Phone number, Date of Birth, Gender, Address, Zipcode City, and State and click Proceed to Payment.
  7. Select your payment method and complete the purchase.
  8. A confirmation will be sent to your Email address.

How to cancel the planet fitness through the phone number

Cancel your membership may be due to time or lack of interest in them and other things that may arise. You can’t cancel your planet fitness membership through their services phone number which is (844) 880 – 7180, or through their website.

Note: the easiest and fastest way to cancel your subscription is to visit their office or send a mail to them. There are only two ways in order to cancel your membership subscription.

To cancel your planet fitness membership subscription

  1. Visit the nearest planet fitness in a person
  2. Go to their front desk staff and request a membership cancellation form
  3. Fill out the form you collected and submit it to them
  4. Tell them to notify you through the email when your membership form is canceled


Sending them a message through their Email

This must include in your message

  1. Letter heading must be ”request to cancel the membership subscription”
  2. Input the following information, your full name, email address, date of birth, home address, mobile phone number, planet fitness membership subscription number, last four digits of your credit card, and your signature.
  3. Then send it to the certified mail address

How to cancel your membership subscription with the DoNotPay app

  1. Click on “Find Hidden Money”.
  2. Type in “Planet Fitness” as the service you want to cancel.
  3. A mail will send to you within about your cancelation

How to cancel a membership subscription for a deceased person.

Terminating a membership subscription for a decease is very easy once you meet their requirement. According to planet terms, they will allow canceling an account for a deceased person with some proof that the person is truly dead. To cancel it, you must provide the following steps

  1. The person that wants to cancel the subscription on behalf of the deceased, must first send an official letter indicating that the person has passed away
  2. You must provide the person’s death certificate, deceased full name, birth date, home address, planet membership number

Note; please include your contact address in case there is any question they want to ask you, then send it to their mail address.

How to upgrade Planet Fitness membership

To upgrad your membership planet fitness you can do it online by urself or visit the nearest planet fitness by going to the front desk staff with your planet fitness key tag number but note that, its not really that easier and faster, its take some times before your upgrading will be successful.

To downgrade your planet fitness membership

Just visit the any nearest planet fitness, the front desk staff will help you to downgrade your membership.

How to pause planet fitness membership

Pausing your planet fitness subscription maybe if there is any injury or illness with the aim of coming back to the club. To pause your planet fitness membership just visit any planet fitness office and tell them your problem. They will help you by freezing your membership subscription.

How to transfer your membership to a different planet fitness

To transfer your membership to another different planet fitness club is easy to do once you meet their rules. You can easily transfer your membership online once you have your planet fitness membership key tag number.

Note: Before proceeding to transfer your membership to a different planet club you must have a monthly subscription, you must not have any outstanding and you must become a member of one planet fitness for at least 3month before applying for transfer.

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