How to sell products on Amazon

How to sell products on Amazon

How to sell products on Amazon

Amazon is the world’s largest online platform for both sellers and shoppers. It was established in 1994 and went public in 1997. A year later they started selling home appliances, software, video, music, games, toys, consumer electronics, and so on, on amazon.

The company was intentionally meant for books sellers but later on, it was expanded to sell different goods such as consumer goods, electronic items, building materials, home appliances, and other.

Not long from, amazon started to allow individual and companies to sell their different items/products through the website.

Amazon became partners in a different country to begin their delivery order. It employs different people in different departments to work.

There are different products available on the Amazon website. The products include jewelry, watches, home & kitchen appliance, clothing, shoes, books, video games, cameras, videos, electronics, toys, music, software, apparel, baby products, gourmet food, musical instrument, scientific supplies, personal care and so more.

How to start selling on Amazon.

Before start selling any product on Amazon, there are some steps you must follow. Here are the steps on how to sell products on Amazon.

Choose a selling plan

You should know that each plan has a different fee. The cost of each fee depends on your selling product category, fulfillment, and others.

There are two selling plans namely, individual and professional

Each plan has different fees and different features, here are the fee and features for the Individual plan.

Individual plan.

Per item sold on Amazon, you will pay $0.99 for the subscription fee per product, assuming you sold 30 items on amazon, your fee will be $30 plus additional selling fees.


  • You will have the ability to grow your business by fulfillment on amazon
  • Adding a new product to your catalog on amazon
  • You will sell less than 40 items per month on amazon
  • You can decide what product you want to sell
  • No advertising or advanced selling method is allowed.

Professional plan

Under this plan you will pay $39.99 for the subscription fee per month, selling fee (based on the item sold and including referral fees), Shipping fee (based on the product categories and shipping services selected by the buyer, and FBA (product fulfills by amazon, storage and others for you).


  • You will have the ability to grow your business by fulfillment on amazon
  • Adding a new product to your catalog on amazon
  • You will sell more than 40 items per month on amazon
  • You can decide what product you want to sell
  • Ability to place your product detail on the top page
  • You can be advertised or use advanced selling methods on Amazon like APIs and others.
  • Ability to save time when creating listings in bulk
  • You will have access to add multiple users to your amazon account
  • Access to run promotions and free shipping
  • It allows setting your free shipping fees for non-media products.
  •  It increases the selling efficiency with API integration
  • Ability to manage your inventory with feeds, spreadsheets, and reports.
  • It gives access to add additional categories
  • Ability to sell products in restricted categories.

Decide your selling plan according to your taste and the type of products you want to sell.

Choose your selling strategy

There are two methods to take when choosing the selling strategy, namely Brand owners and Resellers.

Note: doing brand and reseller at the same time is allowed, you can choose the method you want to work on to achieve your goals.

  1.  Brand owners: this gives the manufacturer to own their product or sell under a private label.
  2. Reseller:  this gives you the ability to find the popular products and put them on amazon stories.

Create a Perfect Launching

This is the third step to follow on how to sell products on Amazon. You should know that the first 90 days of existence are critical for creating marketing, pricing, fulfillment, and others to prove your product. Launching comprises five programs which include, brand registry, content, automated pricing, Advertising, and fulfillment by Amazon.

Create a seller account on Amazon

There are some things that you must make sure it is available, before creating a seller account on Amazon such as;

  • Government ID
  • A bank account
  • Tax information
  • Phone number
  • A chargeable credit/debit card
  • Email address.

If you have a customer account you can use it or create a new seller amazon account. There are 188 countries acceptable for seller registration. Here are some of the eligible countries acceptable when creating a seller account.

Nigeria, Azerbaijan, Fiji, Malaysia, Burundi, Cameroon, Zealand, Taiwan, Serbia, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Samoa, Eritrea, Angola, Egypt, Liberia, Rwanda, Armenia, Australia, Kenya, Japan, Pakistan, Turkey, Peru, Ukraine, Laos, Uzbekistan, Qatar, Dominica, Latvia, Venezuela, Republic of the Congo, Kuwait, Croatia, Niger, Uganda, Paraguay, Italy, Ireland, Indonesia, Cameroon, Iceland, Thailand, and others.

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