How to set video as your wallpaper on your phone and PC

To set video as your wallpaper on your phone and PC you must follow some steps. Here, we have explained how to set video as your wallpaper on your phone and PC

How to set video as your wallpaper on phone and PC

Note: to set video as its advantages and disadvantages.

  • The advantage: it makes your phone look beautiful, and attractive even if your screen touch is broken once you set a good video it will look like a new one.
  • The disadvantage: it drains a lot of battery ( if you have 50% of battery on your phone and can last for 30minutes, once you set up a video wallpaper the battery that can last for 30minutes might not last for 15minutes.

A lot of people have complained about how to use video as their wallpaper, our research will now come up with a method on how to set video as your wallpaper by using a third-party application. Don’t panic because the app is very easy to use.

Here, is the steps on how to set video as your wallpaper on your phone

  • Make sure you have DATA on your SIM card
  • Go to your play store, we have different third parties that we can use such as, wave live paper maker, video live paper, live video wallpapers HD, lock screen video wallpaper, transparent live wallpaper, lock screen video wallpaper, and others, for purpose of this I use wave live wallpapers maker 3D
  • Click anyone to download and install
  • Once it is done installing open it on the play store or go to your phone app to select it.
  • Once it opens, it will show a GALLERY some video wallpaper will display on your screen.
  • Click on any one to set it as your wallpaper or if you have videos on your phone you can use it.
  • To set up a video on your gallery just click plus sign(+) on the screen of the app you open(wave live wallpapers maker 3D)
  • Click on choose from the local gallery to select any video you want to use, and click DONE.
  • Go back to your phone screen page and press and hold your screen till it will show WALLPAPER, click it, you will now see LIVE WALLPAPER AND WALLPAPER.
  • Click on any video

You should now see a preview that shows the set wallpaper button at the bottom. You can now click on the button to proceed to the next step, click on the Set Wallpaper button which will now be asking you to select where you want to apply the selected wallpaper, it will show you two options, (set wallpaper to 1. Home screen, 2. Home screen and lock screen.

You can now select either one of the two options to apply the wallpaper.

How to set video on your desktops (PC) using VLC

How to set video as your wallpaper on your phone and PC

VLC is one of the top media players for phones and PC, with the help of this VLC you can set up a video as your wallpaper on your screen. Vlc support the most common format like AVI, MPEG, MOV, M4A, MKV, MP4, and other formats. Follow the steps below.

  • Open your VLC player
  • Click on media to open the file or press Ctrl+O
  • Click on any video and tap on open
  • It will play automatically once you click on open, then tap on the pause button
  • Tap on Tools (you will see it at the top of your screen) and tap on Preferences or press Ctrl+P
  • Click the video and it will display the video Settings
  • Click on output and change the Automatic to Direct X(DirectDraw) video output and click on Save to enable wallpaper mode
  • Tap the video at the top of your screen and select Set as wallpaper then, go to your desktop and enjoy

Note: when you are ready to switch it back to your normal wallpaper

  • Go to your VLC player
  • Click on the video and then tap on set as wallpaper
  • Once you click it your previous wallpaper will now display on your desktop PC

How to set video on a Samsung phone

To set video as your wallpaper on Samsung is very easy, just follow this step

  • Locate Gallery on your app and click it
  • Select the video you want to use as your wallpaper
  • Tap the menu icon at the top of your screen and click on set as wallpaper

Note: the file you want to set as wallpaper must not be larger than 100Mb and longer than 15seconds. If it’s longer and larger you need to edit it, just click on the trim button.

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