How to start a maize farm business

How to start a maize farm business

How to start a maize farm business

Let’s briefly discuss the following

Agriculture, Farming, and Maize


This is the method of cultivating the soil, harvesting, growing crops, and raising livestock for necessities for human beings and economic gain. Agriculture is also the production of growing food, fiber, timber, cropping, intensive horticulture, poultry, animal husbandry, intensive animal industry, animal keeping, permanent plantation, wholesale nursery, production nursery, and roadside stall.

It also enables the farmer to produce surplus food. They can use the food when their crops failed or exchange it for other goods. It also allowed people to work on other tasks apart from farming.


This is a way or method in which people practice cultivating the land for the production of crops, fruits, vegetables, ornamental and flowering plants, and the utilization of farmland for the production of dairy, a livestock system that transforms land and labor into useful products, poultry, and all other forms of agricultural products having a domestic or foreign market.


Maize is also known as corn is a popular farming agribusiness in the country. It is highly cultivated throughout the world and the most profitable businesses across the world mostly in Nigeria which reduces the rate of poverty. It can be planted two(2) to three (3)times a year and with any type of soil, It can also be done in every part of the country.

The maize product is highly consumed by people and animals across the world. The product is used for numerous indigenous foods such as maize meals, flours, grits, starches, sweeteners, cooking oils, bread, tortillas, snacks, bioethanol, and alcoholic beverages. To be successful in a maize farm business some steps must be done. Here are the steps on how to start a maize farm business.

How To Start a Maize Farm business

To start a maize farm is very easy and with the little knowledge, you have by following these steps below.

Business Plan

The first step to take is to plan for your farming because failing to plan, plan to fail. Anything you want to start in life you must make sure you have a plan. A business plan is a document that will contain your outline and then strategize how you want to implement your business idea, your worker’s salary, and others. It will also serve as a guide, aim, and objective throughout your business.


This is the second step to take before starting your maize farming business. It’s an essential part of a business. There are some organizations that you can borrow money from them to start with your plan. With capita, the remaining steps are very easy. You can approach any place to borrow money such as family and friends, banks, your savings, or any online loan and other places with a copy of your business plan.


This is the third step to follow and it’s easy since you have your capital. Search and select suitable land to set up your plantation. It can grow in any soil but the best is forest sandy loam or loamy soil is good for planting maize. Decide between buying land or leasing it, but the better one is to buy a land because leasing land the owner may increase the leasing fees if the person sees how well your farm is at any time.

After the land was acquired the next is to clean your land before planting your maize. Cleaning can be done manually or by using chemicals,


How to start a maize farm business

There is a variety of maize seeds we have chosen a good seed to plant on the land and it should be done when the soil is quite wet, but the seed inside the ridge with any equipment you are using but the cutlass is good.  To plant maize seed it is recommended to leave some space between one tree to another and should not be too close to each other.

Control of pests and disease

Pests and diseases can cause great damage to your farm they are very dangerous things. The farmer should take good care of the farm before the disease attack. To prevent pests and diseases from destroying your farm you need to monitor your farm regularly. The pest includes Grasshoppers and armyworms, Termites, Stem-borers, and Corn earworms. It is highly recommended to spray your farm with some pesticides and insecticides.


Harvesting start after 2 months from the day you planted your maize seed, it can be harvested as soon as the leaves are dry enough. It can be harvested mechanically or manually. During your harvesting cut and peel the maize and put it in one place i.e put it in the sun to make it dry.


Assuming you used a hectare of land to plant your maize and per hectare, you realized 50,000 cobs of maize.

Per cob #20
Total cobs multiply by price per cob 50,000 * 20 = 1,000,000 minimum amount
Less expenses:

Land purchase 50,000
Land preparation 40,000
Seeds 15,000
Fertilizer 40,000
Workmanship 50,000
Miscellaneous 50,000





Total = #245,000

Total income – Total expense #1,000,000 – #245,000 = #755,000


Within some months you gain #755,000. Let’s assume you do it twice in a year, then you will be realizing like #1,510,000 per year as gain.

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