How to start a kola nut farm business

How to start a kola nut farm business

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Agriculture, Farming, and kola nut.


This is the art and science of cultivating the soil, harvesting, growing crops, and raising livestock for necessities for human beings and economic gain. Agriculture is also the production of growing food, fiber, timber, cropping, intensive horticulture, poultry, animal husbandry, intensive animal industry, animal keeping, permanent plantation, wholesale nursery, production nursery, and roadside stall.

It also enables the farmer to produce surplus food. They can use the food when their crops failed or exchange it for other goods. It also allowed people to work on other tasks apart from farming.


This is a way or method in which people practice cultivating the land for the production of crops, fruits, vegetables, ornamental and flowering plants, and the utilization of farmland for the production of dairy, a livestock system that transforms land and labor into useful products, poultry, and all other forms of agricultural products having a domestic or foreign market.

It also includes the planting, nurturing, and harvesting of trees, with significant attention paid to managing the growth, health, and quality of the trees.

Kola nut

How to start a kola nut farm business

Kola nut farming is a profitable business that can make you very wealthy by following the procedure. kola nut is the most popular fruit used in various parts of this country. It is also mostly consumed by the northern and southwest of Nigeria. Some parts of Nigeria used kola nut as a sign of respect mostly in marriage and welcoming gifts, in freedom, and others. It is mostly eaten by elders in every religion {Muslims, Christians, and traditional} both men and women. The kola nut is widely cultivated in some states in Nigeria such as Ekiti state, Osun state, Oyo state, and Ondo state.

In Ekiti state as of 2018,2019 and 2020 per basket of kola nut is between #5,000 to #10,000, as at 2021 till now is increasing day by day presently now the rate of one basket is #30,000 above. There’s a high demand for kola nuts in both Nigeria and outside the country.

A successful kola nut farmer needs to be self-determined and patient. It’s not like other farming that you will harvest within a year. Kola nut takes some year’s minimum of 4yaers before you can start harvesting little by little and it also depends on the soil you used during your plantation process. To start a kola nut farm you must follow some steps. Here are the steps on how to start a kola nut farm business.

Business plan

A business plan is the first thing to be considered before you start anything in life. A business plan is a document that will contain the outline and strategies you want to use and how you want to implement your business idea. It will also serve as a guide, aim, and objective throughout your business. Having a business plan will allow you to borrow loans from any place including banks. Without business, there is a high chance of failure in your business.


Capital is the most essential part of any business if you have capital all the remaining steps are easy. This capital will cover a lot of things like land, seed purchase, workmanship, harvesting, etc.  You can approach any place to borrow money it might be from family and friends, banks, your savings, cooperative societies, and other places with your business plan.


This is the third step to follow and it’s easy since you have your capital. Search and select suitable land to set up your plantation. The soil will determine how well your farm will be.  According to the research, the forest is good for planting kola nuts. It provides help for sufficient nourishment for plantations. Choose between buying land or leasing it, but the best one is to buy a land because leasing land the owner may increase the leasing fees if the person sees how well your farm is at any time.


Select the seed you want to use carefully by buying already sprouted seedlings from an established one and planting them in an upright position or you can nurse your seed. Use a fresh kola nut seed it takes some weeks before it sprouts and 4 years above to start yielding. It is a strong plant that can grow in, in most places. There should be maximizing the rate of planting kola nuts on land. To plant kola nut seed leave some space between one tree to another. It should not be less than 3m and 1,200 trees per hectare.

Pest and diseases

Different pests can attack the kola nut pods. The most common one is Balanogastris cola which will give the kola nut a hole from the pods. The farmer should take good care of the farm before the pests. To prevent pests and disease you can spray the kola tree by using insecticide and pesticides.


Plucking the pods that contain fruits and are mature enough. There are two seasons to harvest your kola nut, the dry season which includes ( February, March, and April) and the rainy season includes (August, September, and October).

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