How to Unstuck Character in Tower of Fantasy

The Tower of fantasy was developed by a Chinese mass media company called Perfect World which has made other games like Final Fantasy Type-0 Online and Swordsman Online. You can also pre-register the Tower of Fantasy game anywhere in the world.

Tower of Fantasy is available worldwide for PC and mobile devices(Android & iOS).

How to Unstuck Character in Tower of Fantasy

Some users are getting stuck on the map while exploring Tower of Fantasy. Once stuck in the game, there is no way out. You will remain there if you attempt to log out and back into the game.

Once you are stuck, you won’t be able to perform some activities and remain in a particular place.

This article will explain how to unstuck characters in Tower of Fantasy.

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How to Unstuck Character in Tower of Fantasy

Steps to Unstuck in Tower of Fantasy:

  • Launch the Tower of Fantasy game
  • Click on the Esc button from the top right corner
  • Tap on the Settings and Unstuck Button located in the top right corner.
  • Then, your character will be unstuck in the Tower of Fantasy.

It will move immediately once your character is no longer stuck in the Tower of Fantasy to the Astra Shelter location.


If your character is stuck in Tower of Fantasy, Tap on the Esc button, Tap on Settings, then, Tap on Unstuck Button.

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