Raya Dating App: Price, Policy, Right & More

This article will discuss one of the best dating apps, i.e., Raya Dating App. If you are looking for a dating app, Raya dating is the best. Check this out if you want to know about Raya dating, how to become a member, how to meet people on the Raya dating App, and more.Raya Dating App: Price, Policy, Right & More

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Let’s first talk about the meaning of Raya.

What is Raya?

Raya is a private, membership-based community for people worldwide to connect and collaborate. It is a social network application for iOS and was launched in 2015. The Application was initially a dating app, but over time has added features to promote professional networking and social discovery

What is the requirement for Raya Dating App?

The requirements to get on Raya Dating App is simple. First, you should be invited by an existing member, and second, you should have celebrity status. Whether you are a Movie Star, Sportsman, Very Rich & Famous Businessman, or A influencer with a high fan following, you can apply for Membership and join it.

However, it doesn’t mean once you apply for the Membership, your profile will be on this dating profile immediately. It will take Days, Even Weeks, or sometimes months before they approve your Membership while you wait on the waitlist.

Once you approve, it will ask you for the Payment information (i.e., Credit Card), Which will charge you monthly membership fees.Raya Dating App: Price, Policy, Right & More

Age Policy

According to the Raya dating policy, The Raya restricts people below 18 years, i.e., only 18 years and above 18 years of age and older. “Only applicants 18 and over will be considered for acceptance, but we are not liable should an applicant misrepresent their age in their Application. Should we become aware of a user who is not at least 18, we will immediately remove that user from our Service. We do not knowingly collect, maintain or use information from children under 18”.

How to Download Raya Dating App

Raya dating app is only available to download on iOS iPhones and iPod touch, which works on Apple iOS. 

Click this link to download Raya dating.

Cost for Applying for Raya

Once the App is complete download to your phone, The next step would be to Apply for the Membership.

If you have a Raya friend pass invitation, you can apply for the Membership, which costs only $9.99, $49.99, or $29.99, depending on the plan that you want to choose.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have right over my account?

Yes, Raya dating gives each user the right over the account, i.e., to control their information on Raya dating. This information includes : 

  • It allows you to access your account settings and rectify or delete the information you provided to us, which is associated with your account directly within the Service. 
  • You can manage your device data and notifications, such as phone book and location services, as well as push notifications, which you can use to change your settings on your device to either consent to or oppose the collection of the corresponding information or the display of the related notifications.
  • Ability to delete your account at any time by using the corresponding functionality directly on the Service. You can also withdraw any consent you give us regarding your personal information at any time at your sole discretion.

Is my information secure on Raya’s dating?

Yes, your personal information is used only in connection with the Service. They will never sell your personal information to any third party and disclose it to any third party without your permission, provided, however, the data will be used internally and with select third-party analytics services to improve and operate the Service, as described below.

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