Top best social media website

Top best social media website

Social media is a platform that allows all people to share or watch videos, send photos, and so on. Here is the best social media website.

  • FacebookTop best social media website

Facebook is a social networking site and the largest social media with more than 2billion users that enable people to connect, make friends, search for jobs, share photos, share videos, search for a life partner, share information, create communities, and buy and sell goods and others.

  • WhatsAppTop best social media website

WhatsApp is the most popular social media application that connects people from one country to another. It enables us to chat with our friends, family, and others within or outside our country. Almost all countries in the world used WhatsApp.

  • YouTubeTop best social media website

This is one of the most popular search engines, that has more than 2 billion users. YouTube allows its users to upload, create a channel, and share videos about your company. You can make a lot of money through Youtube like others.

  • InstagramTop best social media website

Instagram is a free photo and video sharing app available on iPhone and Android. It is a platform that allows its users to upload and share photos or videos with their followers or with a select group of friends. It has a billion users. With Instagram, you can apply multiple filters to your photos and post them easily on any popular social media like Twitter, Facebook, and so on.

  • TwitterTop best social media website

Twitter is one of the social media that enable people to come together across the world, connect with people and follow friends, texting of messages, share news, chatting each other, Relief from people’s burdens, add tweets, create a space, live streams and others across the world. It’s a platform that allows people to promote their business through a tweet.

  • Linkedin

Linkedin is the best job search platform that most graduates used in terms of jobs and any opportunities.

Sometimes when companies need to hire a person for a certain position they prefer to connect with Linkedin for a qualified person.

  • TiktokTop best social media website

Tiktok is one of the social media that have a lot of people, most people use TikTok to know what is going on with friends, love, family, and the world about news, update, and others. Some people normally log in to the TikTok account when they are boring or they feel lonely they just log in to change their mood from bad to good mood. It also allows the user to create and share videos between 15 to 60 seconds long with sound effects, filters to enhance the videos, and others. It’s also good to advertise/grow your business.

  • WeChat

This WeChat platform is like WhatsApp or Facebook messenger which allows its users to chat and is the most popular social media. It has over a billion users.

  • TelegramTop best social media website

Telegram is a free messaging app that is popular across the world and works on multiple devices. It provides end-to-end encrypted chatting, file sharing (with no limit of sizes), voice calls, video calls, and secret chatting (through the archive), allowing the developer to create their bot for their chats and other features.

  • SnapchatTop best social media website

Snapchat is a free messaging app that can be used on smartphones. It allows users to shoot films, post short videos, and message friends and family. It’s also changed the way people communicate online. You can shoot a video of yourself to a friend, and after they open it, it will vanish ever. They can screenshot it if they want, and reply with their photo or video response. Snapchat was originally concentrated on private, person-to-person photo sharing.

But you can use it for a range of tasks, including transferring vids, live video chatting, messaging, creating mock-like Bitmoji incorporations, and participating in a chronological “ story” that’s broadcasted to all your followers. Follow the below way to cancel your account on Snapchat.
It has numerous features similar to Snap canons, snap charts screen, limelight screen, pollutants & lenses screen, Stories screen, and so on.

The settings screen includes your account settings (your name, username, birthday, announcements, language, voice checkup, and others), sequestration ( warrants, my data, contact syncing, clear discussion, and hunt history), support, account action, further information and so on.

  • Pinterest

This is a platform that discovers an idea and new products. Its also a platform that allows users to post such product pages, blog posts, and others to redirect them to/her website. It increases any business and is good for driving traffic to your website.

  • Quora

This is a platform that was designed for questions and answers where people can find a variety of topics and vote, view, and share their thought.

It is also good for advertising your product.

  • Skype

This is another social network platform that allows people to connect through text message, voices, and videos call across the world. It is also a free call between skype to skype with millions of users.

  • Tumblr

This is another social platform that you can register for free. It’s a platform that allows its user to post short videos, text, photos, and other others on your blog page and people can follow you. it’s good for advertising a business and deriving traffic.


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