UBA USSD Code 2023 [Transfer, Balance, Airtime & Activation]

Early this year, all customers in all banks in Nigeria have been facing some challengings with connection issues. Recently a customer of the United Bank for Africa has been frustrated about the Ussd code, which has now become worse than before; people have complained about it and are looking for an alternative way.UBA USSD Code 2023 [Transfer, Balance, Airtime & Activation]

While some people, among new customers, usually ask what is UBA USSD code for transfer, what code I can use to buy airtime, what is the UBA USSD code for checking my balance, and more.

Suppose you’re also looking for answers to the above questions or anything related to the United bank for Africa (UBA). In that case, you’re the right place. This article will guide you and solve all your concern.

Little Explanation About USSD Code

What is USSD Code?

  1. USSD code is a unique shortcode each bank designs to make banking seamless for its customers.
  2. The USSD code enables customers to perform phone transactions without visiting bank branches. 
  3. It also enables each bank to get more customers.
  4. With the USSD code, you can do many things at any bank, such as open a bank account.
  5. United bank for Africa (UBA) is one of the most popular banks in Nigeria. Likewise, their USSD code is standard amongst Nigerian banks because it gets them more customers and makes them loyal to them. 
  6. With USSD, you can perform almost every banking transaction with the USSD code. Below are some things you can perform using the USSD code

UBA USSD Code is Not Working and needs to fix; Here’s How to Fix it

Customers complained that the  USSD code is not working o their devices. They have been frustrated. They don’t know what to do because they need to do an important transaction on the phone.

How to fix it

Here are some causes and methods to fix it.

  • Network Connection/ Problem: If the connection needs to be stronger from your end or bank network, you may get an error message after dialing the UBA USSD to perform any transactions.

You’ll need to wait for some time and try again.

  • The USSd code Hasn’t been Activated on your Devices: If you haven’t activated the UBA USSD code with the phone number you used during your account registration, the UBA USSD code may not work. 

Make sure you activate the UBA USSD code on your line.

  • Wrong USSD code on your phone number: Sometimes you may dial the incorrect USSD code on your SIM; you registered your account number 

Ensure you’re using the correct USSD code and phone number.UBA USSD Code 2023 [Transfer, Balance, Airtime & Activation]

Here are some things you can perform using UBA USSD Code

  • Airtime and data purchase
  • Checking account balance
  • Money transfer from one bank to another bank
  • Bill payments
  • ATM cardless withdrawals
  • Blocking ATM cards
  • Freeze online transactions

Note: Before using the UBA USSD code, you must;

  • You must have an account with UBA or are about to register
  • You must have an identity card
  • A valid mobile number linked to your account
  • A mobile phone on which you will use the code on it

Upon meeting all these requirements, you can now use the USSD code.

How to Activate UBA USSD Code

Each bank has its own USSD code for UBA the Code is *919#, and different activation methods before fully accessing the UBA mobile banking features. You can activate and register the UBA USSD code without visiting any ATM branch or anybody just by simply dialing *919# and following the instructions on your screen to start your mobile banking.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to activate the USSD code for UBA.

  • dial *919# on your phone using the phone number you used during the opening of your UBA Bank account
  • Click on Accept to Accept the UBA mobile banking terms and charges.
  • Reply with 1 to sign up for the USSD code.
  • Enter your account number.
  • Create your UBA mobile banking 4-digit PIN for authorized transactions
  • Enter and confirm the pin again to complete your USSD registration.

Once you are done with registering and activating the UBA USSD code, you can perform any transactions on your phone.

Here is what you can do with UBA USSD Code

Sometimes, dial *919# and follow the proceeding. While sometimes, you will need quick ways to do your Transactions. Here is a quick method.

  1. Check Balance *919*00#
  2. Transfer to UBA Account *919*3*account number*Amount#
  3. Transfer to Other Banks *919*4*account number*amount#
  4. Withdrawal *919*30*Amount#
  5. Airtime Top Up Self *919*Amount#
  6. Airtime Top Up Others *919* Phone number*Amount#
  7. Data Purchase Self *919*14#
  8. Data Purchase Others *919*14*Phone Number#
  9. Pay Bills *919*5#
  10. Retrieve BVN *919*18#
  11. Account Statement *919*21#
  12. Hotlist ATM Card *919*10#
  13. Account Opening *919*20#
  14. Load UBA Prepaid Card *919*32#
  15. Freeze Online Transactions *919*9#
  16. Deactivate USSD Code *919*911#

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I open a UBA account using USSD Code?

Yes, dial *919*20# and follow the prompts to create an account with UBA.

What is USSD Transfer Code?

  • The UBA USSD code to transfer money from UBA to UBA is *919*3*account number*Amount#. 

Example:  *919*3*1234567890*1000# and the your PIN

  • To other banks, dial *919*4*account number*amount#, select the bank and enter your PIN to authorize the transfer.

Example*919*4*0987654321*1000#, select the option, then enter your PIN.

Also, Read:

How can I buy data on UBA using USSD Code?

To buy data using the USSD code for yourself, dial *919*14# and follow the prompts. 

Dial *919*14*Phone Number# and follow the prompts to other phone numbers.

Example: *919*14*08080000000#.

Can I withdraw with USSD Code?

Yes, dial *919*30*Amount#. 

Example: dial *919*30*5000#, then follow the prompts.

How can I check the balance on UBA using USSD Code?

Dial *919*00#, enter your PIN, and your account balance will be displayed on your screen.

What is UBA USSD Code for Buying Airtime

To buy airtime for yourself, dial *919*amount#. 

To other phone numbers, dial *919*phone number*amount#, then input your PIN

Example: *919*0807012345678*800#, then input your PIN

Can I get my bank statement with USSD Code?

Yes, dial *919*21#, and follow the screen instructions.

How can I check my UBA details?

Dial *919*00#, then your UBA Bank details, including account balance and BVN, will be displayed on your screen.

How can I check my last 5 UBA transactions?

Dial *919*21# and your last 5 transactions will be displayed.

How do I check my UBA USSD transaction history?

Dial*919*21# it will display on your screen.


This article explains why USSD is not working and the fastest and easiest way to carry out any banking transactions using the USSD code without visiting banks or meeting anyone for help.

Thanks for reading till the end. Please don’t hesitate to share it with friends if it’s helpful.

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